Culture Futures Conference: Eco-Leadership through Culture , Dec 5, 2011, City Council Chambers, Durban


Culture|Futures is organising the conference “Eco-Leadership through Culture” on December 5th from 9.30 to 19.00 during the UN Climate Summit COP17 in South Africa.

The conference is co-organized with the Municipality of Ethekwini (Durban), the Ecological Sequestration Trust and the Danish Cultural Institute in co-operation with many other partners in Durban and worldwide.

The conference will take place at the Durban Municipal City Chambers located at The City Hall, 263 Dr Pixley KaSeme Str (West Str), 1st Floor Council Chambers, Durban. The program will feature key notes and panel-interventions from some of the world’s highly recognised specialists and activists highlighting solutions needed to solve the challenges of the World and Africa.

Key notes include Peter Head, one of the world leaders in integrated urban sustainable development and chair of the new Ecological Sequestration Trust, and Prof. Edgar Pieterse, director of the Africa Centre for Cities. They will present a global and  African perspective to address major global and African challenges for urban/regional development and discuss the significant role of culture.

The purpose of the conference is to:

  • clarify the vision of an Ecological Age by 2050, how to deliver it and the role of culture
  • inspire institutions working with culture, and cities in Durban/Africa/World to undertake eco-social leadership
  • build Culture|Futures as a new international network for cultural institutions/actors, cities/regions and other stakeholders in eco-leadership

If you want to attend the conference, please register by sending an e-mail to with your name and organization (if relevant), or by signing up to – (this requires that you first go through a signup procedure to join the Culture|Futures online network (approval to the site may take one day).

As there are only a limited number of seats at the conference, confirmation of registration is required. The conference is free of charge.

Full details of the Culture|Futures 2011 Durban conference, keynote speakers and presentations, can be downloaded here  Culture|Future Eco-Leadership through Culture Programme (pdf)

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